Mac Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation Swatches

I was curious about Mac's new Matchmaster foundation, so when I went to the counter to pick out some things from the Styledriven collection, I asked to take a sample home. The MA gave me a sample of shades 1.5 and 2, not sure which one would suit me better. For reference I am NC30. I haven't actually worn the foundation out yet so I have no review to give, but here are some swatches compared to other Mac foundations.

 Left - Mac Matchmaster Foundation 1.5 / Right - Mac Matchmaster Foundation 2

All Mac Swatches - Matchmaster 1.5, Matchmaster 2, StudioSculpt NC30, SFF NC30, SFF NC35

 Swatches under different lighting
All Mac Swatches- Matchmaster 1.5, Matchmaster 2, StudioSculpt NC30, SFF NC30, SFF NC35

Here are the swatches a bit more blended

Mac's Matchmaster Foundation in 1.5 seems to be a bit too light and also pink compared to the NC30's. Matchmaster Foundation in 2 is a bit deeper, and a bit more peachy and less yellow than the NC30's, but pretty close. Since the Matchmaster foundation is supposed to let your real skin tone show through, it should not matter if the color is slightly off in a swatch. For someone who is NC30 I would probably suggest shade 2, or even the next shade darker. I think 1.5 would be much too light.


  1. I agree, a 2 or the next darker one might work for you.:D

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I was debating over which shade would most likely match me better-either 1.5 or 2.0. But from looking at your helpful swatches, I am confident that 2.0 is the match for me :)

  3. Anonymous8:33 AM EST

    My color is NC20 and I'm pretty yellow, they gave me a Matchmaster 1.5 and I hate it, it's way to pink for my yellow color, it was suppost to match my undertone but it doesn't, I hate it. I always used a Studio Fix NC 20 and I wanted to try this one but I shouldn't :(

  4. Yea.. this foundation definately doesn't do what it's supposed to. It also made my skin look so dry when I tried it.