Dramatic Lashes with Mac Russian Blue

How is everyone? As for me I accidentally dropped my Blackberry in the toilet on Super Bowl Sunday and have yet to get a new phone. I am debating whether to get another Blackberry or an Iphone any suggestions?
Anways I loveee these Inglot lashes! They make the eyes look so sexy and are great to wear out to a club or party. They are also very light and don't feel like your lids are being weighed down.

Face: Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation NC30
Inglot Concealer

Cheeks: Illamasqua Bronzing Duo
Mac Daft Pink Mineralize Blush

Eyes: Mac Chilled On Ice Paintpot
Inglot Matte White Eyeshadow
Mac Russian Blue E/S
Mac Prized E/S
Inglot Liquid Eye Liner
Flirt Big Flirt Thickening Mascara
Inglot Lashes

Lips: Inglot Lipstick #150


  1. You are gorgeous! and good at applying lashes, I still have to New follower.

  2. pretty!! i say iphone!!

  3. Love it! You have amazing eyes! :)



  4. so pretty! i need to conquer applying false lashes, they look so good


  5. gorgeous! light colours really suit u, lucky! =)

  6. Your lashes are to die for. ROCK' EM girl. I will have to check these out when I go to INGLOT. :) I didn't realize they have lashes.

  7. Thankyouu!
    @Mara - They have them in a glass case in a little section of the store. Idk if its the same at the one by you. They have like 50 different kinds and some of them are ccrazayyy

  8. Anonymous2:24 PM EST

    Oh gosh, beautiful as always! You look like Cleopatra in that 5th photo. i love the look!

  9. Love how your dark hair brings out your makeup even more. Lovely!!!


  10. you know what you have? you have sex eyes. hahah <3

  11. awww look at u ,, miss hottie <3 love the lashes

    i have a question ,, since i just started playing with fake lashes ,,
    amm the glue kinda gets on the lashes and make em stuck ,, and yukky so cant use em again ,, and also ,, u apply mascara to ur lashes , then wear falsies ? ,, not on both ? but i kinda see where my lashes stop if i dont apply mascara on both -_- lol inform me .