Mac: Fabulous Felines

I got my delivery yesterday of the things I ordered from the Mac Fabulous Felines collection! I didn't pick out too much, as I'm waiting to blow all my money on the Venomous Villians coillection, lol. I ended up getting the Palace Pedigreed quad, the Burmese Beauty quad, and the Superslick Eye Liner in "On the Hunt". Here are some pics and swatches.

Palace Pedigreed
Courtly, Palace Pedigreed, Quite Spoiled, and Russian Blue

Quite Spoiled came out so pigmented, it almost looks like a lipstick swatch lol.

Burmese Beauty
Prized, Burmese Beauty, Skintone 2, and Showstopper

Burmese beauty is beautiful!!!
Showstopper was hard to swatch, but I've read that when you actually put it on with the pack on method, it comes out pretty pigmented.

On The Hunt
Just a few squiggly lines.. Pretty pigmented.. Seems like it would be easy to use because the tip is so fine.
Also, when I was taking this off I had to scrub the crap out of my arm (which is a good thing)!

Geezzz my skin looks like an old womans in these pics! lol


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM EDT

    Nice swatches here. i hope you could post a make up look using this new collection coz i really love how you do your eye make-up. and i really laughed when you said old womans skin, noooo you have the most perfect skin to me!


  2. Thanks shiney! I def. will be doing a look soon.

  3. I would like Burmese Beauty:)

  4. these are macro =D right ,, skin not old .. cam so fine =D
    and i love the liner ,,, i love liner than dont come off easy
    in a humid hot ass weather like here ,, this is needed ,, or the cat liner will end up becoming a whole circle ! i mean when the line prints up on the lid XD lool